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Find the support and expertise you’ve been looking for to help ensure
that your work is properly implemented.

Adding Dunham Trust as a valued partner to your practice can help you provide additional value-add services and position you as a more valuable part of your client’s core team of professionals.

When you work with Dunham Trust as your preferred trustee, you can be confident in our expert ability to quickly interpret trust terms, coordinate tasks and team players, and implement every element seamlessly.

We can offer you our deep knowledge of critical trust administration, processes and probate that you need to create the best financial plan for your clients. You may not have the time or ability to provide trust services and assistance, but with Dunham Trust as trustee, you can be confident that your planning concepts will be put into practice the right way.

Every situation is unique. We pride ourselves in creating the right schedule for you. Click here to get an idea of where our fees start. Please call Dunham Trust for more information about fees applicable to any specific trust service.