Individuals, Families, & Businesses

Each situation is unique and we create solutions to fit your personal circumstances. We build relationships on trust, individual care, and maintaining your family’s privacy.

When you begin looking for a trust company, you want to find the right fit, and that means finding someone you trust. We won’t fill our meetings with legalise; instead, we’ll help trim down complex matters into terms you’ll understand and craft solutions you feel good about following with your family or business.

You may want to establish a trust that will allow your family to avoid probate, or you may want to secure your business’ successful continuation. Whatever your situation, we have experts who have seen a wide variety of scenarios who can help you achieve your goals.

Dunham Trust provides personalized solutions with a variety of trust services. We don’t believe in putting clients into a pre-defined category. We engage with the highest levels of professional expertise, but we also want to engage with you on a personal level.

Every situation is unique. We pride ourselves in creating the right schedule for you. Click here to get an idea of where our fees start. Please call Dunham Trust for more information about fees applicable to any specific trust service.