The Nevada Advantage

We established Dunham Trust in the state of Nevada because we want to offer the best trust experience possible to our clients. Nevada’s numerous advantages can help you feel more
confident about your legacy.

A few of the advantages you can experience by working with Dunham Trust include:

Nevada is the preferred state for Asset Protection Trusts that provide enhanced asset protection from creditor claims against you or from other family members taking from the trust.

For certain trust types, Nevada does not assess state income tax on the trust’s undistributed accumulated income, making a Nevada trust “money ahead” of high income-tax states.

The trust won’t have to pay corporate income tax or a franchise tax, and other taxes are relatively low.

As a Nevada resident, the trust does not have to pay state estate tax, a significant cost savings at death.

Nevada trusts can be effective for up to 365 years so you promote stability and growth free of estate taxes for generations.

Nevada offers better privacy protection for trusts and the people they serve through superior creditor-protection, minimal public reporting requirements, court authority to seal records and corporate entity laws promoting confidentiality.

You can enjoy the benefits of Nevada laws and still live anywhere you choose; your trust only requires a Nevada trustee.

Nevada's "directed trust" laws permit and protect your ability to influence investments and use financial advisors of your choosing.

A two-year statute of limitations or "seasoning period" for powerful protection is the shortest in the United States.

Trustees may not be compelled to make discretionary distributions.

Nevada enjoys one of the most progressive decanting statutes in the nation.

Nevada is known for fast, easy, affordable business foundation and maintenance.